The shape, the design, the material and everything that strikes our eyes through art forms, enter like a light in our soul, making us experience deep emotions, infusing in the observer's heart an indelible mark that adds shape and space to the sensitive minds, enriching them with their cultural and emotional baggage.

The attentive, curious and inclined gaze to emotion draws great experience as great is the experience made by those who have the opportunity to find themselves in front of the works of Giulio Dorigo, a personality who has been able to give color and shape through a backward path of his life, transforming indelible moments inscribed in everyone's memory in which a character, a woman or a sensation, have marked the moment lived ... the moment is now, living real and direct creative experiences, where the simplicity of analysis transforms the gesture in an act of pure genius and authenticity.

The titles of Giulio Dorigo's works introduce us directly to the experience of observing his works, to live them in their fullest energy.

3 Stan Lee
Stan Lee - Acrylic on canvas (Size 60 x 80 cm)


The work Wonder Woman is one of the concrete examples: a work where the colors of the character and his indistinguishable shapes lead us to her, a strong and invincible woman and the memory of the strong woman and her smell, make her, as we describes the artist, “… more fascinating than ever”.

Wonder Woman even if she is a fictional character, she is always and in any case a woman and her mission is not only the character she plays and that we all know, but it also represents motherhood expressed on the memory of her intimacy traced by a lasso inserted. in the work that reminds us that the heroine Wonder Woman is a woman whose role is not only that narrated by her iconic character.

Strength and femininity are transformed into colors and memories to translate into unique creative compositions.

Many themes are traced in Giulio Dorigo's expressive path in which the identification of characters, prejudices and misunderstandings of heroic and iconic characters of our times are the real protagonists of the artist's works, transmitting a pure, clean and direct force.

Giulio Dorigo is a son of art, born and raised in an environment rich in different artistic experiences, where colors and brushes are other objects with which he experiences in his childhood and it is inevitable that as an adult, for Giulio the blank canvas becomes a further form of natural expression: thus begins the artist's journey in which space and form are his infinite expressive dimension.

Traces of our childhood linked to the characters we all loved and met are the protagonists in Giulio Dorigo's canvases in which each of us cannot escape sweet memories, transforming the experience of observing the artist's works as the redemption of reliving loves lived and never forgotten.

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